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We are deal all world famous branded stock lot, close out, excess inventory items for men’s, ladies, boys, girls and kids. These are available in very cheap price compared to the real sales price and there have no lead-time for the production. Usually these are ending up as stock lot garments. However there are some other reasons like piece rejection, final inspection failure, shipment cancel etc.

If you are interested to buy Genuine Surplus of Pants, Shirts, Shorts, T-Shirts, Polo, Tops, Skirts Jacket, Sweater, Under Ware etc. please contact us.


We are a Regular Supplier of both Branded and Non Branded Genuine Surplus of all labels. We don’t deal with fake items at all and we don’t manufacture anything what we offer. We just trade with Genuine Apparel Surplus only. We only source from direct factories, not from brokers or other third-party suppliers.

We have customers / Retailers from all over Bangladesh who buys from us regularly.

1 review for Men’s T Shirts

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